Thakgowa IT Solutions

Thakgowa IT Solutions is a 100% Black-owned IT services company registered in South Africa. Download our BBB-EE Certifcate HERE Our clients across South Africa trust Thakgowa IT Solutions to design, implement, and support their IT Infrastructure ranging from IT Support, Data Backups, Networking, Cabling, and Software & Hardware Sales.

Thakgowa designs and implements networking systems that are easy to manage and maintain, are cost-effective, make economic use of materials, and above all make sure your systems run smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

Thakgowa has extensive skills, knowledge, and experience across the IT spectrum. We work with all sizes of business, and all types of Organizations from NGOs, Public Sector, Private Sector, Mining Sector and anyone who needs any IT assistance.

We are partners with world-class vendors who provide many solutions to a wide range of IT challenges. Thakgowa also provides IT consultancy, Domain Hosting, Web Development, Office 365 Implementations, PABX installations, Events Managements, IT maintenance and Support. And that’s in addition to the complete range of IT services and business software we also provide.