We have partnered with Cibecs, the leading End User Enterprise protection software. This is one of the industry's leading backup/restore/encryption & remote wipe application. Hard drives fail. Files become corrupted. Viruses hit. Laptops get dropped or stolen. And occasionally you just want to see an earlier version of a file you're working on. If you'd rather keep, not lose, your photos, music, videos, documents, letters, and e-mail, then you need a backup program. You have several choices for this. Local file-and-folder backup programs create copies on local drives or media, disk imaging software creates a snapshot of your entire drive, and online backup services automate uploading your data to secure off-site storage. In fact, you may want to use a combination of these. In this roundup.

Thakgowa IT solutions has teamed up with industry leaders to provider backups solutions for organizations looking for end data protection for both its desktop and laptop computers, We can help to implement data backup and recovery solution that would be simple and effective to use. Our product will do just that, without requiring a Masters Degree to administer it successfully. Backup, Restore & encrypt data. To enquire more about clients send us an email to